I was born in Queens, NY. Both my parents come from the fourth most populated city in Ecuador called Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas. They moved to New York in the 90’s with my sister who was 2 years old, then they had me. During that time my dad was working in re-upholstery and my mom was learning English at a school in Elmhurst (my dad is still an upholsterer but my mom now teaches PreK).
They took us to Disney World when I was only 4. We went on the Snow White ride and my dad scared me when we got to the evil witch part and I cried. I cried anywhere I went to be honest.
My sister and I would watch movies with our cousin and her dad. We watched Spider-Man 2 when it came out. On the subway ride back from the theater I would think that Spider-Man was on top of the subway crawling around trying to go home too.
Since my cousin and my sister were the oldest they would put on scary movies, they wanted me to leave them alone to do girl stuff but I wanted to hang out with them. So I sat and watched Nightmare on Elm Street with them and it psychologically broke me. We watched Maximum Overdrive and it gave me the worst nightmare, like waking up sobbing in your own sweat nightmare.
I couldn’t sleep at night without having a blanket over my head, I remember the feeling of impending doom anytime my ear was exposed in the night. Then that impending doom crossed over to my everyday life. I never felt comfortable because I thought something bad would happen to me and I start panicking. Scary movies really fucked me up. It wasn’t until I saw how Final Destination 3 was made that I started to realize they weren’t actually . And then I started to watch the behind the scenes of every movie I’ve seen and I thought it was really cool how they make everything.
Fast forward to now and I’ve become an annoying movie snob and a horror junkie. There hasn’t been any recent horror movies that have scared me as much as when I was younger, I really wish there was a movie that would make me feel those same terrible feelings, but the only thing that makes me go into anxiety ridden panic attacks is all the debt I’ve accumulated.
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