FLOWERS FOR HER - Short Film with song by King Gizzard from their album Polygondwanaland.

One minute re-cut of Imagine Dragons music video.

A stagecoach is on the run from a pack of cowboys. Music is Drum Run by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

Part three of The Therian Student Association series. Cat Anne tries her first ever make up tutorial... without the make up. 

Part two of The Therian Student Association series. Cat Anne responds to unexpected feedback from the previous video.

Part one of The Therian Student Association series. Follows a student organized club run by Cat Anne, documents raw student life as a Therian

Abusive relationships are hard, but being stalked and trapped in a time loop by your former abusive partner is literally another dimension.

Meme describing the state of video games and its relationship with the zeitgeist of current internet culture.

Original conception of The Therian Student Association. Promo for a fictional website about Therians and other weirdos.

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